Problem von Stella - 16 Jahre


My parents say that i shouldn't use my home so offen.
I feel me bad I can't Text my friends.
How can I persude my parents ?
Thank you for your help.

Nuala Anwort von Nuala

Dear Stella,

thank for your message.
I can understand your point of view - but your parents' opinion as well.

Hmh, I think the important difference is the word "often". You CAN chat with your friends. You CAN telephone with them. That's okay and can be fun.
But real friendship should be in direct contact, physical. Try to meet your friends for shared activities, meet also new people and use your mobile phone more pragmaticly. Use it for making dates, asking your friends, staying in contact. But make long breaks and give your brain time to refresh.

So you mustn't persuade your parents. Find a way to use your mobile phone in a smart way. Not too long and with a certain goal. I'm sure you can be satisfied when you recognize that true friends are always available in real life. Now you can talk to your parents and find a shared solution.